"Thank you to everyone who helped make the EG for USG campaign possible. It means so much to have the support of so many wonderful people, and I look forward to continuing my service to the university. Let’s get to work!"


“Ideas and causes alone cannot change our world. Ideas can only be spread when they have a voice to spread them and an audience to believe in them. Causes can only take hold if they have minds to inspire.”

Evan Gildenblatt, originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, is a junior majoring in Applied Conflict Management with minors in Political Science and Jewish Studies. After studying abroad during his freshman year, he came to Kent State with a mission to continue his record of service to the community.

Evan currently serves on USG as the Director of Governmental Affairs, and among other duties, coordinates the voter registration drives on campus, functions as a channel of communication between Kent State University and the Ohio State Legislature, serves as a liaison to the Ohio Board of Regents, and helps to bring politicians and policymakers to the campus. He is also the Vice-Chair of the USG Allocations Committee, and as such, works to oversee the distribution of funds to individual students and student organizations.

Evan has set clear, relevant, attainable goals for his time in office in order to benefit the student body of Kent State University and make college a more enjoyable experience for everyone. Many of his ideas involve cultivating new relationships and strengthening existing ones in order to work proactively to improve the quality of life for KSU students. Furthermore, Evan plans to make student input the focal point of his campaign so that the “EG for USG” movement can extend far beyond the borders of bulletin boards and fan pages.